Crossdressing Stories, Hellen Heels
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Crossdressing Stories
The Skilled Maid

Author: Hellen Heels

Narrator: Katrina Medina

Unabridged: 33 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Hellen Heels

Published: 12/19/2020


“So, why don’t we see how you would look in them?”“In what?”“In my bra and panties.”“Are you out of your mind?”“Come on, Mr. Nigel. We both know that I am not.”“Then why are you asking me such a thing?”“I am just curious to see how you would be in them, that’s all.”“I cannot put on –” he began to say and stopped. He gaped at her. “What are you doing?”She was walking towards the kitchen. “I want to start cleaning up the apartment.”“Like this?”She turned to look at him. “Like what?”He blinked and took in her full figure. Her breasts were bouncing with erect nipples as she moved her hand and body. And hips were full and rounded. Her legs were smooth, long, and soft looking.