Codependent Cure Your Soul and Heal ..., scott j. stacey
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Codependent: Cure Your Soul and Heal from Being in an Abusive Relationship

Narrator: dms

Unabridged: 3 hr 23 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/15/2020


Codependency is about ensuring ?th?r lives, no m?tt?r wh?t. It'? like a ??d???nd?nt took on ?n?th?r'? lif? and is tr?ing to continue their liv??. Ex: th? person g?t? int? fin?n?i?l trouble du? to ????in? ?bu??, r??kl??? living, ?t?, ?nd th? ??-d???nd?nt pays th? m?rtg?g?, car ???m?nt?, ?r w?r?? th? drug d??l?r? ?t th? door.L?v? or obligation to th? abusive ??r??n i? th? m?j?r ju?tifi??ti?n. S?m?tim?? the ?bu?iv? person u??? ???r?i?n, thr??t?, and ?xt?rti?n to demand support. If ?u???rt i?n't given, ?m?ti?n?l ?l???, u???t?, ?nd threats ?f l??ving th? r?l?ti?n?hi? ?r? used. Ex: making a supportive ??r??n feel guilty if they d?n't comply with demands f?r money ?r ?u???rt.Oft?n sympathy for th? abuser i? used t? ?l??d f?r forgiveness ?f wr?ngd?ing?. A??l?gi?? ?nd ?l??ding? f?r f?rgiv?n??? will b? m?d?. Oft?n these pleas are made until th? ?bu??r g?t? wh?t th?? want. Th?n th?? lay ?ff. Pr?mi??? will be m?d? th?t won't b? kept.These are some content you will find in this book:? Wh?t Is C?d???nd?n??? Understanding What C?d???nd?n?? L??k? ?nd F??l? Lik?? Managing Codependent Relationships? R???v?ring from R?l?ti?n?hi? Codependency? H?w t? Id?ntif? ?nd D??l with T?xi? P?r?nt?? Find Out th? Biggest Tr??? You Might Be F?lling? Codependent Pr?bl?m? in R?l?ti?n?hi??? Id?ntif?ing Its C?u??? and Eff??t?? Wh? Am I With?ut Others? Sign? ?f Codependency? Discover the Freedom of Em?ti?n?l Independence? B?ing Independent in a C?d???nd?nt R?l?ti?n?hi?? Ending C?d???nd?n?? ?nd Starting t? R?l? ?n Y?ur??lfAnd many more