Clipped Wings, Helena Hunting
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Clipped Wings

Unabridged: 12 hr 29 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/04/2014


Clipped Wings follows the story of two young adults, Hayden and Tenley, as they try to navigate their newfound, but slightly unstable, relationship. They want to trust each other, but Hayden is hiding a dark and shameful past that he doesn't ever want Tenley to find out about. And Tenley has secrets of her own that could make Hayden run away forever. When Tenley asks Hayden to put a beautifully elaborate tattoo across her back, the two start to form what they thought was an unshakeable bond. But when Tenley's past shows up on her doorstep, will Hayden stand by her side...or run?


AudiobooksNow review by Sofia on 2015-07-01 20:46:33

4,5* As I start to read/listen, I knew this was going to be a very emotional love story. I thought it was a darker read but the intense sexual chemistry between the two characters, light the way. Both suffered a lot each in their own way, trying to break free from the hurt and loneliness. Alone, in real life they would need help, but that was OK for me to keep reading. It's damn hard to do on your own, without help, without someone to talk to. So like any human, they feel the need to escape in each other from the pain and suffering. What they didn't expect was the emotional connection, it was beyond physical... and the secrets they were hiding would come back and make them realize this connection was what they really need from each other to go on. I'm not that sure of the double standard... and the rules... When someone opens up to you and you refuse to do the same... hiding things from your own past which pale in comparison to the things the other one isn’t telling you... hmm. I loved the art element, the tattoo, a symbolic design that bonds them together and becomes a real healing process. I like the friendships around them too. Not that I would miss them... I think Sienna's part although didn't really matter much... About the writing, dual POV was great, quite distinct and serious unique voices. Overall I liked it a lot! Let's see what Inked Armour has to offer!