Childrens SciFi Series, Innofinitimo Media
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Children's Sci-Fi Series
Educational Science Fiction Collection for Kids & Teens - Space and Time Travel Adventure Short Stories

Unabridged: 2 hr 32 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/31/2019


There are three main parts in this Science Fiction audiobook. The first part consists of five short stories belonging to an educational sci-fi series. These are not sci-fi/fantasy stories with just imaginary things. This series teach kids real facts about the human body, environment, and universe. Five short stories:Journey Through the BodyJourney Through the Solar SystemTime Travel to the PastJourney Inside a PlantTravel through the Body - Part IISecond part consists of science questionnaire. After you finish listening to the five sci-fi stories, you should test your knowledge by taking the science quiz. We prepared you 25 science questions from the sci-fi stories. That’s why this is not just a sci-fi book, it is also an educational book.Third part of this book consist of two short stories, mostly thriller and space adventure stories, namely: "My New Robo-Friend""Journey to the Forgotten Planet"I’m sure you’ll enjoy this science fiction audiobook. Don't wait anymore. Get it now!