Chicken Caesar Salad For the Gay Soul..., LaVon Gittens
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Chicken Caesar Salad For the Gay Soul

Narrator: Kimberly Steel

Unabridged: 2 hr 20 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 07/28/2022

Category: Self-help


Chicken Caesar Salad For The Gay Soul, is an emotional and informative guide that exposes overlooked truths about gay culture.Homosexuality is a highlighted topic surrounded by stigma. The controversy behind the subject can cause extreme violence and even suicide, especially in youths. Homophobia, like any irrational fear, can be medicated with knowledge. Through education, lives can be saved. This book serves as a quick read where questioning individuals can open the door to understanding and self-esteem.Shame comes from ignorance. Some think homosexuality is unnatural, a choice, and poisonous to the community. Little know that the pink triangle was used by Nazi's to brand homosexuals or that the first director of the FBI was a gay man. Mainstream media ignores important facts that might promote understanding and self-worth. This volume is the first to collect a series of rarely referenced facts and blend them with personal coming-out stories and art. Chicken Caesar Salad For The Gay Soul does not perform as a "how to be gay guide". but a cure to ignorance and a branch to acceptance.