Chasing Proof, Finding Faith, Tom Rudelius
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Chasing Proof, Finding Faith
A Young Scientist’s Search for Truth in a World of Uncertainty

Author: Tom Rudelius

Narrator: Tom Rudelius

Unabridged: 5 hr 4 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 08/08/2023


He had science and an Ivy League pedigree―why did he need God? Immersed in his physics studies at Cornell, Tom Rudelius never thought much about God until his brother, a new convert to Christianity, challenged him to explore faith. To placate his twin, he reluctantly began exploring the Bible and the life of Jesus. Seeking proof of God’s existence, he found himself in a world of uncertainty, faced with plenty of reasons for both faith and doubt.

In Chasing Proof, Finding Faith, Tom, now a rising young theoretical physicist, traces his journey to unexpected faith, through subsequent doubt and anxiety, and ultimately to a firmer, life-transforming allegiance to Jesus. Along the way, he explores some of the issues he wrestled with, includingCreation and cosmic originsThe problem of evil and sufferingThe compatibility of miracles with science and the plausibility of Jesus’ resurrectionThe reliability of the Bible
While Tom never found absolute proof of God or Christianity, he ultimately concluded that the existing evidence for both is compelling and compatible with science. His searingly honest story is a potent guide for those doubting or exploring faith.