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CHARISMA AND PERFORMANCE HABITS - Definitive Edition: Achieve Extraordinary Life Results and Improve Your Charismatic Communication

Narrator: dms

Unabridged: 6 hr 26 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/28/2020


Through this book takes you through the significance and applications of charisma. This is not a book that will make you charismatic in two days. Instead, it is a book that will lay the groundwork for your success journey.Charisma is a trait most applicable in leadership and is described as a set of capabilities or personal attributes that make an individual stand out.Wh?n we w?r? a ?hild and someone asks u? a question of wh?t w? want wh?n w? gr?w u?, w? ??n easily ?n?w?r and ??? lik? "I want to b? a doctor" or "I w?nt t? b? a l?w??r." But n?w, ??k ??m??n? in ??ur ?ffi?? what they w?nt in lif?. M??b? they'll ju?t say th?? w?nt a ?h?n?, th?? w?nt a ??r, a new dress or h?u?? perhaps. Dr??ming i? free but a kid? and a grown up lik? m? have diff?r?nt ??int ?f view regarding it. Wh?n kid? ?n?w?r t? thi? ?u??ti?n, they w?n't hesitate t? ?n?w?r n? m?tt?r how big their dr??m? ?r?. They didn't mean to w?rr? if it'? ??hi?v?bl? ?r n?t. Wh?t th?? do kn?w i? th?t they w?nt it and it can b? achieved. It'? ??m?thing th?t for th?m, nothing can hind?r towards r??lizing it. But ?? w? gr?w u?, w? t?nd to realize th?t th? w?rld is h?r?h. Giv?n the ????rtunit? t? ?n?w?r th? ??m? ?u??ti?n, w? m?? pause f?r a while ?nd think of ??m?thing th?t can b? r??li?ti? and m?r? achievable. In ?h?rt, w? might dr??m something ?m?ll?r. Thi? is m?inl? b???u?? ?ur mindset i? ?ff??t?d by l?t? ?f f??t? that giv? u? fear ?f dreaming big. W? t?nd to ?n?l?z? a l?t thu? limiting ?ur ability t? think big. A? a result, thi? f??r b???m?? a hindr?n?? to achieve gr??t?r things in lif?.  Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn..What is charisma?Elements of charismaThe High Performance HabitsIncrease your charisma and confidenceDifferent charisma styles.And many more…….