Car Crash, T. Gephart
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Car Crash

Author: T. Gephart

Series: Collision

Unabridged: 8 hr 16 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/01/2020


Kitty was not only beautiful but also incredibly intelligentexcept when it came to relationships. It seemed if a guy was a loser, corrupt, deadbeat, or unavailable, she was completely and utterly attracted to him. She definitely had a type, and all of them had been one bad decision after another.Dallas had trouble of his own. Finding women wasnt a problemhe could charm the pants off almost anyonebut most of those pantless women ended up being a few bananas short of a fruit basket...not always the best candidates for his sex-without-strings philosophy. He was one date away from ending up on a 60 Minutes special.While both of them were at the top of their game professionallyshe, a high-powered executive assistant, and he, one of the best tattooists in the citytheir personal lives had become a dumpster fire.No one in their right mind would have suggested they join forces to help each other wade through the crazy. Surely thatd be a recipe for disaster? But without reason, logic, or even sanity on their side, they decided to do it anyway.