Brightside, Mark Tullius
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A Novel

Author: Mark Tullius

Narrator: Tee Quillin

Unabridged: 8 hr 38 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 06/08/2016


Brightside: A Psychological ThrillerImagine a world where the person next to you—stranger, friend, lover—has the ability to creep into your mind and steal your most intimate thoughts. Now imagine you are the Thought Thief who is so greatly feared that your freedom and your life are threatened. Welcome to Brightside…you won’t be leaving.Brightside, by Mark Tullius, takes a unique twist on the psychic phenomena of telepathy. The fearful masses panic and create Brightside, a town that is essentially a prison. Protagonist Joe Nolan is one of the many Thought Thieves who have been rounded up and forced to live in Brightside, with little hope of ever leaving. Suspense builds as Joe finds himself on a mission to break free on his 100th day of captivity."THAT’S WHY THEY’VE ROUNDED US UP, STUCK US IN THIS LITTLE TOWN. IT’S TO MAKE YOU FEEL SAFE. BUT THEY CAN’T KEEP US HERE FOREVER. IT’S DAY 100 AND IT’S ALL GONNA END. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, I’M GETTING OUT OF BRIGHTSIDE."The reviews tell why Brightside should be your next read:"A well-written and well-executed story by first-time author Mark Tullius. It reads like a gritty, postmodernism novel similar to Blade Runner or A Scanner Darkly. Very interesting character development and plot elements, especially since the protagonist can't hide anything. A quick and fast read that keeps you glued to the pages." - eNovel Reviews“Brightside is a fiction novel about a believable "now" where a large population of the world are telepathic, or "Thought Thieves" as they call them in the book. The fearful and ignorant masses cause panic and mass arrests and institutionalization of these individuals, who are sent to a "island in the sky" called Brightside, which is basically a prison on top of a mountain. The book follows Joe and his journey through 100 days at Brightside, and the people he interacts with along the way.”Add Brightside to your bookshelf today!