Blowing Up the Airwaves, Chris Wright
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Blowing Up the Airwaves
An Adventure on the Radio

Author: Chris Wright

Narrator: Chris Abernathy

Unabridged: 4 hr 12 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/11/2022


Can the "Most Fired Show on the Radio" save Atlanta from a good ole boy with a short fuse? Either way, it'll be a blast! The lives of thousands of Atlanta football fans are in danger, and it’s up to a pair of morning show goofballs to save the day. Can Brad and Bone chase down the threat? Can they even keep their show together? Whatever happens, it will be a blast - it always is with the Brad and Bone Morning Show. Following the show's annual Blow Up Bash, where Brad and Bone blow up anything and everything their listeners are ready to get rid of, a series of online comments from an anonymous fan raises concerns about a possible threat to the football stadium. Julia, a new member of the stadium security team, enlists the show's help to find the fan and prevent disaster. Meanwhile, she becomes internet-famous thanks to a very public breakup with her boyfriend - and she's being blackmailed by a creepy stalker who could get her fired, or worse. The timing is terrible for Brad and Bone, as they can't even agree on a new contract. Will the show go on? Will Julia find a way to escape her stalker and save the stadium, along with all of the fans inside? And how do you clean up a studio after a howler monkey throws his poo everywhere? Brad and Bone are Blowing Up the Airwaves in every way imaginable.