Blooming Your Life, Beca Lewis
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Blooming Your Life
How To Experience Consistent Happiness

Author: Beca Lewis

Narrator: Beca Lewis

Unabridged: 3 hr 51 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/08/2022


Seven Proven Ways To Thrive In Your LifePursuing happiness doesn’t bring happiness. Choosing it can. Accept that it is not only your right to be happy, but it’s a benefit to everyone in your life when you are.But how to choose happiness? How to stay in the habit of happiness? That is the tricky part, and what this book will do for you is provide answers and systems for you to follow.You will discover what a shift of perception can do for you and how to do it. Not theory. Practical steps that work.A tiny shift of perception can change your entire life.Using the metaphor of gardening, Beca Lewis once more guides us through practical strategies that will teach you exactly how to thrive in your life.Discover your true self and desires, and learn what to do to provide what you need. This book will guide you towards good habits and tiny thought changes that lead to amazing results.If finding out who you are and then living it has been difficult in the past, the problem is not who you are. The problem is the conscious and unconscious perceptions that have guided your life.If you are not thriving, filling out the garden of your life with happiness and joy, or you find yourself constantly doing the same thing with the same results, and they are not the ones you want, this is a book that will help you do things differently, and get the results that you desire.Here in this book, you will find a proven system with practical to-do tips that will shift your life towards what you want it to be.Beca is known for her ability to shift complex ideas about perceptions into simple tools that can easily be applied to daily life. She draws from deep spiritual roots while bringing in ideas from quantum physics to neuroscience to build an easy-to-understand guide for growing a life filled with happiness and purpose.