Blackfoot Messiah, William W. Johnstone
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For the legendary mountain man Preacher, times are lean. Trapping is a thing of the past. Only a handful of men cling to the old ways, trading pelts to a market with little demand. Thus it is that Preacher, along with his old friends Three Sleeps Norris and Antoine Revier, grudgingly accepts a commission from the War Department to act as trail guide and scout for a regiment of Dragoons. Little do they know that in the Wyoming wild, Blackfoot, Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapaho and Kiowa warriors have joined forces to prepare for battle, their bloodlust stirred by a legendary Blackfoot Messiah promising victory in a war that will forever rid the plains of the white man. With the spirited Dragoon squadron for cover, Preacher will forge up the blood-drenched Sante Fe trail. But the only way to win this war is to stop the hell-raising Messiah whose godforsaken message is leading to the ultimate showdown: the Battle for Fort Washington.