Big  Fancy Words That Might Make You..., Albert B. Squid
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Big & Fancy Words That Might Make You
A Vocabulary Builder For The Lexical Deficient Interlocutor Albeit Soon-To-Be Supercilious Smarty Pants Confabulator

Narrator: B. Patrick

Unabridged: 1 hr 56 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 06/03/2022


Hey, there word nerd. Thank you for getting a copy of “Big & Fancy Words That Might Make you Smarter…er: A Vocabulary Builder for the Lexical Deficient Interlocutor Albeit Soon To Be Supercilious Smarty Pants Confabulator” wow… that's a long title. So basically this audiobook has a lot of highfalutin, big shot, 52 cent words that are not used that often in normal conversations, (or are they) once you learn them you will start to hear and see them all the time in books, movies, and when eavesdropping on peoples conversations. This audiobook comes complete with 366 words, for every day of the year (plus one extra word for leap year ) its word type, its definitions, and a funny example sentence that hopefully gives you a little chuckle and helps you to remember that particular word more easily. These words are a great way to build up your vocabulary, study for the SATs, gain skills for word games and crossword puzzles or just be the pompous know-it-all at the pub, (I mean the well-read and articulate conversationalist at a dinner party). Whatever your wish to have a larger knowledge of words is, this is a good place to start; so put on those headphones, throw in the 8 track, cassette, cd, or whatever listening device the kids use these days, and listen to this audiobook in your car, on your cell phone while at work when the boss is not looking, while cleaning the house, or before you go to bed at night, and in time, you too, might just become one of the great dialogists. What’s that? A doctor, a scientist?  Nope, but you will find out soon enough after you hit play. So happy listening and I hope you gain a plenitude of verbal cognizance and that you don’t take umbrage with this recording and start pontificating which leads to being allocated to the nearest hoosegow.