Barefoot Biodynamics, Jeff Poppen
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Barefoot Biodynamics
How Cows, Compost, and Community Help Us Understand Rudolf Steiner’s Agriculture Course

Author: Jeff Poppen

Unabridged: 5 hr 23 min

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Published: 04/18/2024


With decades of knowledge and proven, common-sense methods from “The Barefoot Farmer,” this practical guide to biodynamic principles and practices will appeal to growers of every scale and experience level.   In Barefoot Biodynamics, organic grower Jeff Poppen—“The Barefoot Farmer”—combines tales from his personal history in rural Tennessee with the practical applications of biodynamic principles and the deep aspects of the biodynamic methods that continue to make his farm a success today.   Jeff’s friendly, direct, and humorous writing will appeal not only to the biodynamic-curious, but also to farmers and gardeners who have experimented with the biodynamic approach and are looking for a deeper understanding of the practice.   Rooted in the teachings of biodynamic pioneer Rudolf Steiner, Jeff’s unique insights and deep reflections on “guiding lines” of biodynamic growing are an invaluable resource. Those “guiding lines” include:   producing a farm’s fertility using cover crops, compost, and other on-farm inputs enjoying the renewing power of farm festivals augmenting scientific knowledge with the power of observation and intuition avoiding chemical fertilizers understanding that carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen make up 95 percent of the physical structure of plants and are freely available in the air around us enhancing the availability of critical minerals such as silica and lime through good farming practices building humus-rich soil teeming with microbial life using homeopathic preparations to heal and enrich the soil   In addition, Jeff walks the reader through the eight lectures on farming given by Steiner in 1924, summarizing important points from each lecture and “translating” them from Steiner’s profound yet sometimes impenetrable vocabulary into plain language. In Barefoot Biodynamics, Jeff provides new insight into these enigmatic lectures, revealing an often overlooked yet cost-effective farming method rooted in common sense.