Attachment Theory, AMANDA HOPE
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Attachment Theory
Learn How to Build Beautiful Relationships in Your Life That Will Last for Ever


Narrator: Christine Bright

Unabridged: 5 hr 31 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: AMANDA HOPE

Published: 01/05/2021


Improve and grow your relationships with a partner, family, and in the workplace!Did you know that different attachment styles affect all our relationships as adults? Have you always wanted to learn the real causes and methods to deal with attachment so that all your relationships can flourish?The attachment theory deals with different styles of connection between people - be it in a partnership, family, or in the workplace. This book gives you the tools necessary to bring these relationships to the next level.Learning about emotionally focused therapy and the attachment theory has helped many grow and develop their style of emotional attachment and connection. These methods and theories help us understand how to avoid jealousy and anxiety in love through exploring our emotional memory and the way we hold on to pain.It is said that attachment is the greatest form of suffering, and anyone who has ever felt fear of abandonment can certainly confirm this. Emotional codependency is another issue that the attachment theory deals with, and it offers clear methods for working to build healthy bonds.With this new book, you can start to redress the balance to build stronger relationships with those close to you, with chapters covering:Ways how anxiety disorder developsSigns of self-loathingSteps to become self-disciplined with your emotionsWays to learn to communicate effectivelyWays how positive reinforcement worksWays how your physical health affects your mental stateSteps for dealing with conflictEmpathetic listening and its link to happinessAnd much moreIf you think that you suffer from attachment anxiety, have trouble trusting people, or need constant reassurance and affection from your partner, you must act now before it ruins your relationship and your life.