Atkins Diet for Busy Women Proven an..., Nathalie Seaton
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Atkins Diet for Busy Women: Proven and Simple to Follow Guide to Achieve Your Goal Weight, Boost Energy and Feel Great Without Counting Calories (With Meal Plans and Quick & Easy Low-Carb Recipes)

Unabridged: 4 hr 33 min

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Published: 09/09/2022

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Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, and no matter how many different diets you go on, you always seem to be stuck at the same weight?Did you notice your body "doing strange things" and tackling the "middle area" is becoming frustrating? Have you tried many diets noticed that a “quick fix” will never work?Weight loss is not a new game for you but slowwwwwly, over the past years, few pounds crept back on?Do you feel hungry all the time?Would you like your diet to include satisfying meals and even some wine?Do you want to be more confident, have more energy, and look absolutely stunning?If you answered YES to at least one question, you should definitely learn more about Atkins Diet. It can make fantastic changes in your life!Here are just a few of the things you're going to discover in this book:Which Atkins plan to choose depending on your weight loss or lifestyle goals?How to manage weight without calorie counting, fasting or restrictive portion controls?Easy, healthy and delicious recipe ideas (with no need to make two separate meals to your family each mealtime)How to satisfy your sweet tooth without killing your diet or feeling guilty?How to stop cravings of carbohydrate-rich food, breaking the cycle of overeating? 14-day Meal plans example to get you startedDo I need nutritional supplements?Common mistakes to avoidTips on how to keep yourself motivated to move forward and stay on trackDo you know Atkins diet is perfect for busy lifestyles? You can stick with Atkins at work, at home, on vacation, when you're eating out - wherever you are.Even if you failed every other diet you've been on in your life, this book will give you the motivation you need to keep going and achieve your weight loss goals!