Anger Management for Parents, Madeline Holden
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Anger Management for Parents
The Art of Communication and Discipline: Simple Strategies to Manage Your Emotions, Break the Anger Cycle, and Stop Yelling 8 Simple Steps to Break Free of Stress, Anxiety, Frustration and Raising Happy Kids

Narrator: Madeline Holden

Unabridged: 3 hr 59 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/04/2022


Do your kids often infuriate you? Do you find yourself getting angry over fairly minor incidents? Is this something you want to be able to bring under control and eradicate? Let us be honest, raising kids can be the most challenging time of our lives and nothing seems to get us annoyed and irritated more than an intransigent child who will not do as they are told. In days gone by an angry parent may have won the argument at the time but the damage that is done in the process is something that can stay with a child for the rest of their lives. So we need to focus on quelling angry outbursts and find other tools to use. This audiobook, Anger Management for Parents: 8 Rules for Raising Happy Kids, will help you to understand why you give in to anger and how to beat it, with chapters that cover:  The damage that anger can inflict How to work out if you are an angry parent Tips for breaking the anger cycle Replacing punishment with discipline Learning the art of good communication CBT and using it for anger management 8 rules for raising happy kids And more… When you learn to become a more relaxed parent your children have happier lives and learn more about their own responsibilities in turn. This can lead a much happier family environment where kids know the boundaries but, more importantly, you know them too. If angry outbursts are ruining your relationship with your child then it’s time to act and reading Anger Management for Parents is the first step to a better, less angry relationship!