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Ancient History

Narrator: Andrea Giordani

Unabridged: 45 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: IntroBooks

Published: 04/03/2016


Ancient history is a vast subject and can have you occupied for hours. The sources of ancient history have been uncovered slowly with time. Every corner of the world seemed to have civilization and a flourishing one. The ancient languages, trade, culture, religion, crops and even technology of the ancient man have surprised the historians. The study of ancient books and engravings speak of the ancient history civilizations being advanced nothing less than our modern civilizations. While our buildings crumble and fall there are buildings scattered across thousands of years old that still seem to uphold its majestic heights. Every engraving is so intricating, so fascinating and with a meaning or a story behind it. Their cities were well-planned to fight natural disasters and enemy attacks. How did they manage these complexities without having the luxury of so many machines and devices that our engineers and architects use today. This book will discuss all about the recorded history of mankind, where and how they flourished. Ancient authors have left behind a vast ocean of knowledge for us to discuss, study, learn and maybe implement them in our modern world