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ALPHA MALE the 7 Laws of POWER
Mindset & Psychology of Success. Manipulation, Persuasion, NLP Secrets. Analyze & Influence Anyone. Hypnosis Mastery ? Emotional Intelligence. Win as a Real Alpha Man. NEW VERSION


Unabridged: 5 hr 12 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/17/2021

Category: Self-help

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?DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF POWERFUL MEN and BECOME YOU ...THAT POWERFUL MAN?Men are often left wondering how Alpha Males have made everyone else their subjects because decisions always favor them while others bear the brunt of those decisions.There are just some Men who exude Power wherever they go without even trying, and you have often wonder why people, including you, are always trying to please them.? If you want to become an Alpha Male, you must be ready to work for it. The only way for a Man to harness Power is by learning how to do it and practicing it.Inside:? The importance of having Power as an Alpha Male and why all Men should control themselves and influence others.? How to use the most potent weapon that is available to every Man.? How to train your mind to think like a successful Man rather than focusing on your limitations.? Understand what it means to be an Alpha Male and the traits you should develop to become one.? The principles of Power and how you can channel those principles into your daily life.? The mindset and psychology of Alpha Men that help them to achieve success.? How to become a master at analyzing people by understanding subtle and non-subtle cues that people show.? Proven mental techniques that a Man can learn to exert influence.? The importance of establishing and maintaining relationships that can increase your influence.? The effect of abusing Power.? Become a powerful Alpha Male that is respected in relationships, workplaces, and society.? The benefits of being powerful and how Power can impact and influence a Man to have the life of his dreams.? Power is not only available to presidents and kings; we all have the potential to become powerful. However, it could remain a potential if you do not develop it.?You have the Power to change the world around you and become a Powerful ALPHA MAN?