A Survey of the Old Testament, Andrew E. Hill
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A Survey of the Old Testament
Fourth Edition

Unabridged: 21 hr 51 min

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Published: 02/13/2024

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An indispensable guide for exploring the literary, historical, and theological issues behind the Old Testament.The purpose of studying the Old Testament is to understand God and his redemptive work more fully. However, this goal is complicated by the fact that it was transmitted through a very different language and culture from our own. A Survey of the Old Testament addresses background information, purpose, message, structure, and major themes of the Old Testament to help readers understand its message and relevance.Chapters introducing each major section of the Old Testament are included, as are chapters dealing with issues of interpretation, hermeneutics, theology, geography, archaeology, history, formation of the Old Testament canon, and the Old Testament's relationship to the New Testament. The fourth edition features a renewed focus on purpose, theology, and message while also providing a more succinct textbook less intimidating to students.Features included for each book of the Old Testament:Writing of the BookBackgroundOutline of the BookPurpose and MessageStructure and OrganizationMajor ThemesQuestions for Further Study and DiscussionFurther Reading Complete with updated full-color maps, photos, timelines, and charts, the latest edition of this widely acclaimed textbook is a useful and readable tool for students and other readers who wish to better understand the Old Testament and God's redemptive work.Photos, maps, timelines, charts, figures, outlines, further reading, study questions, and a glossary are included in the audiobook companion PDF download.