A Scent Of Man, Craig A. Falconer
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A Scent Of Man

Narrator: Garrett Kiesel

Unabridged: 1 hr 54 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Craig Falconer

Published: 01/25/2023


When science runs amok, nature steps in...For thousands of years, man has reigned supreme over nature.But deep in the African jungle, at the edge of Genusphere's controversial research facility, a challenger rises.Broken fences. Smashed cameras. Unusual tracks in the mud.The locals talk of apes behaving strangely.Sarah O’Leary, leader of the genetic research team, rubbishes their warnings...... until the first bodies are found.The Genusphere compound locks down amid a media blackout, but the villagers fear it could already be too late.Some of them don't buy the official story.They don't think O'Leary and her colleagues are worried about something getting into the genetic research compound.No.They think she's trying to cover up whatever got out...__________A Scent Of Man is one in a series of Sci-Fi Sizzlers: standalone short stories from international bestselling author Craig A. Falconer. These stories can be read in any order — dive in today!