101 Fun Facts and Trivia About Horses..., Jaynie Borders
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101 Fun Facts and Trivia About Horses
All You Need To Know If You Are Crazy About Horses

Narrator: Natalie Gooding

Unabridged: 31 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Eva Sukenikova

Published: 04/21/2022

Category: Pets - Horses


Are you a true horse lover, a passionate horse racer, or just fascinated by their beauty? Are you sometimes wondering why your horse behaves in a certain way?Great, because this book will give you answers to many of your questions, plus, it will entertain you too! Even if you think you can read your horse perfectly after all the years spent together, I guarantee you will find some surprising information while listening to this book. 101 Fun Facts And Trivia About Horses cover answers to the following questions and much more:Can horses read our emotions?In which country do people drink horses' milk or eat horses' meat?What is a zorse or a zony?Can horses sleep while standing, or is it a myth?And many more!So, what are you waiting for? Grab your book and start discovering all the interesting facts we collected for you!