Who Is She??? Who Is She Not???….”The Girl on the Train”, by Paula Hawkins

by Emily Roberts on March 8, 2015

The Girl on the TrainNew author, Paula Hawkins, has transitioned from her beginnings as a journalist to her debut novel, The Girl on the Train. She has written an intense psychological thriller that follows the engrossing tale of strangers crossing paths with others and the eventual intimate betrayals. It has been likened to Alfred Hitchcock’s, Rear Window, as being that story for a new generation. Another fictional story, Gone Girl, has also been used as a comparison.

The actual girl on the train is Rachel, who commutes from her home to London and back every day. From her window, she has taken interest in a couple along the way in their backyard. She has made up names for the couple, calling them Jess and Jason. One day she sees Jess kissing another man. The next day, Jess is missing. Rachel is so obsessed with what she thought to be the idyllic life of these two people, that it lures her into an investigation of Jess’s disappearance. During the investigation, Rachel comes closer to a better understanding of herself…….who she really is, and is not.

Paula Hawkins debut novel has all the elements of a perfect psychological thriller: lives that are not what they seem, jealousy, betrayal, wounded hearts, obsession, and a haunting unease.

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