What More is Behind the Royal Command….”Thrawn: Alliances (Star Wars), by Timothy Zahn

by Emily Roberts on August 13, 2018

Thrawn AlliancesAs the Star Wars saga continues, Thrawn #2, written by author, Timothy Zahn proves to be yet another hit among the several novels that comprise Star Wars. When you read the words, “I have sensed a disturbance in the Force”, pondered by Emperor Palpatine, you know that trouble is once again brewing for the Empire. The Emperor is so concerned, that he pairs Thrawn and Vader for the crucial mission. What they do not know is what more is behind the royal command. But, as in the past, these two join forces hesitantly, finding out what dangers lie ahead as they go.

There are two working stories being told in Thrawn #2. The first is the one about Anakin and Thrawn’s interaction during The Clone Wars, and then, Vader and Thrawn’s teaming up during the finale of Star Wars…… they were working on two halves of the same mystery decades apart. Anakin and Vader quickly learn that Thrawn is always right.

There is Padme, who has her get it done attitude, Thrawn, is most noted for his intellect and powers of deduction, and Darth Vader was the mixed bag…..a fierce warrior on one hand, then not so impressive on the other. Anakin was very impulsive and brash. But somehow, this eclectic group managed to get their missions accomplished.

Readers might enjoy knowing that Disney’s new Star Wars theme park, which opens in 2019, features Batuu and the Blacksburg Outpost, both featured in this novel…….Thrawn #2.

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