Why Audio Books are Great for Kids

by Emily Roberts on May 9, 2018

Kid Audiobooks

There is a lot of hype around audio books. They are easily accessible and can go everywhere with you. Probably the trickiest part about it is learning how to download an audio book, but even that isn’t too difficult. Because audio books are so readily available they are great for kids and adults alike! So, why are audio books good for kids? Here are a few reasons!

1. They are Convenient
There is no need to carry around multiple, large, clunky books. Simply download audio books and have them with you wherever you go so your child always has books with them. This allows your child to listen to books when they are in the car or doing simple chores around the house.

2. Improve a Child’s Reading Skills
When a child is able to follow along visually while listening to an audio book, they are able to enhance their word recognition ability. This can work to expand their vocabulary and make them a better reader.

3. Children are Able to Read More Difficult Books
Listening to audio books enables your child to delve into deeper, more complicated topics than they can find at their reading level. The exposure to better-quality books will enhance comprehension skills, especially in children who struggle with reading.

4. No Stigma
Children who struggle with reading may be reluctant to read books below their level for fear of being picked on or teased. When children listen to audio books, no one will know what they are listening to, so there is no need to worry about being made fun of!

5. They’re Fun!
When audio books are done well they add a more realistic sense of drama that brings the story to life. When a child is excited about their books they will want to read and listen more, in order to discover more stories and improve their imagination.

Once you discover how to download an audio book the world is at your fingertips. You can enjoy books with your child and enjoy the stories everywhere you go. Audio Books Now has a wide selection of children’s books that will enhance your child’s view of the world and provide them with good-quality books that they will be excited to listen to!

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