Nothing Can Break Her…”This is Me”, by Chrissy Metz

by Emily Roberts on May 4, 2018

The Great AloneIt must be pretty cathartic to be in a position to write a self-revealing book at the young age of 37 years. Such is the new book, This Is Me, a novel by Chrissy Metz, who is the star performer on the hugely popular tv serial, This Is Us. It has been described as alternating between instructional and autobiographical, and as presented in raw honesty. Through her life lessons, she has learned that both setbacks and successes can be valuable in moving through life.

Chrissy grew up in a large family, but out of nowhere, her father just disappeared one day. Her mother did her best, but they always felt the threat of possible hunger or that their electricity might be turned off. So, when her mother remarried, Chrissy felt excitement and hope that her family’s life would return to some normalcy. However, that hope was short-lived, as her step-father became very mentally, verbally, and physically abusive. He seemed to just hate her body…….he started weighing her at age 14. I always have to wonder where the mother was when things like this happen to step-children. He punched her, shoved her, yanked her wrist, but never hit her face. She said it was as though he was just offended by her body. She also says that the mistreatment by him made her realize that nothing can break her after living through his abuse.

This Is Me is a takeoff on her very successful television show on NBC, This Is Us. Viewers seem to see themselves in her character, Kate Pearson, no matter where they live or what they look like. The character, as well as the entertainer, makes her viewers and readers feel like they are spending time with a friend with whom they can identify with.

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