Walk Like a Queen…”Gold Dust Women, The Biography of Stevie Nicks”, by Stephen Davis

by Emily Roberts on March 2, 2018

Gold Dust WomenWhen we think of who is an awesome iconic woman in serious rock’n roll……one of the first names that comes to mind has to be Stevie Nicks. Her place in music history was secured by her years of performing with Fleetwood Mac. To this day, she performs to sold out venues at the age of 69. Her fans are die-hard and have gobbled up the information in author, Stephen Davis’ unauthorized biography entitled Gold Dust Woman. Even self-proclaimed Stevie Nicks-aholics admit that the prospect of another biography about the rocker icon left them less than interested, but they were pleasantly surprised at how much more they learned about Stevie and her illustrious career and colorful personal life.

Stevie became interested in music through her grandfather, when she was a child. Eventually, she met Lindsey Buckingham and her years as a rock goddess began. Her career with Fleetwood Mac has been described by the author in various stages of the good, the bad, and the ugly. It follows her journey through battling drug addiction and various exes, and on to a very successful solo career in present day.

Gold Dust Woman portrays the life of Stevie Nicks taking the reader through her relationship with controlling Lindsey Buckingham, her rally to assert her strength to stand up to him and the man’s music world of Fleetwood Mac, and her fight to the top as she proved her worth as an outstanding talent who deserves her celebrity status. She aspired to and gained the right to “walk like a queen”.

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