The Liberty Amendments, by Mark Levin

by Emily Roberts on July 3, 2014

The Liberty AmendmentsMark Levin, a very accomplished and learned scholar, wrote The Liberty Amendments, where he relied on the historical actions and comments of the visionary founding fathers, and the constitution itself as a guide to restoring the American Republic. For at least a century, those governing have created an ongoing and growing assault on those things that are precious to all United States citizens. Levin writes that among these is individual liberty, state sovereignty, as well as others. The Founders correctly foresaw a time when, despite their focused efforts, the Federal government might overstep the Constitution limits causing oppression of the people. The IRS and the EPA are prime examples of that fear.

Levin believes that the people must take steps (as he outlines in this book) to begin re-establishing the balance between the federal and state governments. Author Levin has written numerous books, has a nationally syndicated talk show on all types of radio stations, including the Armed Forces radio. He was a top adviser to several cabinet members of the Reagan administration. He holds a B.S. degree and law degree from Temple University

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