The Cure…”The Fever”, by Megan Abbott

by Emily Roberts on June 27, 2014

The FeverMegan Abbott, author of “The Fever”, is known to be the best at writing about the craziness of the adolescent years…better than anyone. In 2012 she tackled the sport, or should we say the bloodsport of cheerleading in her novel “Dare Me”. The Fever is a return to high school for another very disturbing and much too real story of lust hormones, jealousy, and fear of being a teenager. High school is a breeding ground for traumas that affect us for life…and you add a mysterious epidemic, and chaos ensues.

The three best friends in the novel find themselves at the center of the epidemic, causing each girl to exhibit different symptoms. And nobody knows why it only affects girls. The Fever is a brilliantly told tale that will give you chills of fright as it explains the bewildering age when love, sex, revenge, and even friendship fells so new, terrifying, and all consuming. What will be the cure??

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