Student by Day…Off the Grid by Night…”Night School”, by Lee Child

by Emily Roberts on January 2, 2017

Night SchoolAmerican author, Lee Child presents his 20th book in the Reacher series of international mystery and suspense. In the 90’s only about 10% of the population was using the internet, so orders to operatives were actually kept secret! At the same time, it is amazing how such organizations were able to function. Reacher is called into service by disguising him as attending school, but of course by that same night, he is off the grid.

The questions abound as the team researches a Jihadist sleeper cell in Hamburg, Germany, where they overhear a Saudi courier whisper to a CIA plant…… “the American wants a hundred million dollars”. That is when all the questions begin……who is the American?……..What is he selling? ………… And to whom? The fear is, that if they do not get their man, there will be world terrorism of epic proportions.

From readers who previewed the book, it was said that it is literally a page – turner to see what will happen next! One of their favorite scenarios is when Reacher and his female sergeant encounter Neo-Nazis who attack them. Even though it seemed a bit unrealistic, the readers still enjoyed envisioning the female sergeant kicking the butts of the attackers. One rather comical comment was about the fact that actor Tom Cruise, who is not a tall person, will play the role of 6’5″, 250 lb. Reacher………seemed like an error in casting to that reader.

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