In the Midst of Thousands of Tourists, There is a Psychotic Mass Murderer on the Loose…”Cross the Line”, by James Patterson

by Emily Roberts on January 8, 2017

Cross the LineIn American author’s James Patterson’s 24th in the Alex Cross series, readers will not be disappointed! In his usual way of writing, Patterson incorporates headlines out of the current events happening today. The book takes place in Alex’s own city of Washington DC, where crowds and chaos reign. And in the midst of thousands of tourists, there is a psychotic mass murderer on the loose.

Alex gets a call about a driver being shot as he drives on Rock Creek Park. Just as Cross begins his interrogation with this new case, another call comes in that is hitting too close for comfort. The Washington chief of detectives, who happens to be Alex’s wife’s boss, has been murdered. He was also Alex’s former boss. The plot expands to include several suspects, two high profile cases, a panicked city, and their leader has been snuffed out, leaving chaos.

The differences in opinions on the cases cause great strain in the marriage of Alex and his wife Bree. She is in the middle of a catch 22 in trying to save her marriage while at the same time scrambling to stop the murderer from striking again. Another cog is thrown into the mix when an entire group of criminals are massacred in a warehouse that they were utilizing as a meth lab. The killer, who speeds around DC on a fast motorcycle has made himself the judge, jury, and executioner. Alex and Bree must out think the psycho before he includes them both in his evil plan.

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