Morphing Into his Victims Thoughts and Becoming Their Worst Nightmare…”It”, by Stephen King

by Emily Roberts on September 29, 2017

DunkirkFor anyone who is already fearful of clowns, author, Stephen King’s novel, It, will be a true reading and watching nightmare. King has an amazing talent for bringing out the very worst (or the best depending how you look at it) in his maniacal, extremely clever, wicked main characters. Such is the character in It, who is Pennywise, the evil clown, who can morph himself to fit his victims thoughts. Quite a nightmare for those who try to stop him.

The place is Derry, Maine, which seems to have a deep, dark hold on author King. Back in the day, there were seven teenagers who survived the attack of children by something that came up from the sewer to hideously murder children. It picked on those who had various types of negativity in their lives. The seven teens had abusive or ill- caring parents, poverty, illness, ethnicity, a stutter, obesity, and chronic short-sightedness. As adults, they vowed to return to their hometown to confront the evil without a name…….It.

The newer movies by screenwriter Gary Dauberman and Muschietti, splits the book into two parts. This gives more detail ad attention to the teenagers, then the same in adulthood. The movie works well because it takes time with the kids, showing their comradeship as much as their fears. It is recommended to read and watch Stephen King’s It in a well-lit environment.

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