Humorous and Personal Experiences…”Talking As Fast As I Can”, by Lauren Graham

by Emily Roberts on January 19, 2017

Talking As Fast As I CanFor all those fans of the Gilmore Girls series, the new book, Talking As Fast As I Can, by lead character, Lauren Graham, is a very special addition to their addiction to the show. Lauren writes about humorous and personal experiences with her career, and with the interaction she has had with co-stars.

Fans will be delighted to read about personal anecdotes such as…….the fact that Graham did not enjoy the fact that her character, Lorelai, married Christopher in season seven, or……..that her sister was in a cameo appearance once. What about souvenir stealers, Graham and Bledel taking a pink flamingo and Rory’s Yale banner? Ellen DeGeneres will be pleased to know that Graham at least tried to go vegan in a tribute to her, but failed. Graham and Bledel never had a chance to meet before working together on the set.

As of the book writing time frame, Graham described how she was encouraged to go out with Peter Krause by Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore). Graham eventually did just that, when they met on the set of Parenthood. Bishop had said she needed someone more her equal…….apparently, Krause fits that description, because they were still dating. It is the hope of all Gilmore Girls fans that they will be getting a new round of their favorite show!

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