A Possible Traitor In the Cabinet…”The President Is Missing”, by James Patterson & Bill Clinton

by Emily Roberts on July 5, 2018

Three Days in MoscowOn his latest thriller, The President is Missing, James Patterson solicits the assistance of former President Bill Clinton to provide inside information about every day happenings in the life of someone holding the highest office in this country.

As the story begins, there are unprecedented threats against Washington, involving espionage and even the presence of a traitor among those in the President’s cabinet. Even the President becomes a suspect, then all of a sudden, the President disappears. President Jonathan Duncan is a former military hero, who now finds himself the object of a witch hunt. His daughter had a run in with a female assassin in France, so he decides that disappearing is best for the safety of his family and himself. The assassin is portrayed a little differently than most by being not just a female, but a pregnant female. Duncan must go into disguise to try to see who is setting him up.

The President is Missing gets mixed reviews, some reviewers have not been too kind to the book because it is very slow in getting to the point.

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