Where to Eat in Ouaggadougou

by Emily Roberts on June 26, 2013

One of the main reasons to travel is to eat. If you ask me about the time I visited the amazing rebuilt medieval city of Carcassonne, destroyed by a French crusades against the Cathar heretics in the early thirteenth century, I will tell you about the Vietnamese restaurant where I could not – not – get the waiter to bring the check. I can tell you about why you should not eat the sausage sandwich at a particular British motorway cafe (because it’s disgusting) and why you should not eat the cuy in the Andes (because guinea pigs are cute).

The Travel Channel features almost no shows about travel that aren’t really about eating.

Your standard guidebook will suggest some places to eat, along with where to stay and what to see. But if you are going to a big city, that list of six restaurants (two cheap, two medium-priced, two expensive) isn’t enough. You need a real foodie guide. Try Zagat, whose restaurant guides also feature maps, city info and reviews from recent diners.

I could give you Zagat’s guide to new Jersey, but let’s go to Paris instead. The driving is about the same, but the food is better.

No, I don’t know where to eat in Ouaggadougou. I have never vacationed in Burkina Faso.

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