What are Digital Audiobooks?

by Emily Roberts on October 25, 2021

Digital Audiobooks

Let’s start by saying what digital audiobooks are not. They are not book on tape or audio books on CD. Books on tape are extinct and audio books on CD are right behind them. They do not even make cars with CD players in them anymore so it is just a matter of time before CDs follow cassette tapes.

Now let’s talk about what digital audiobooks are. Digital audiobooks are audiobooks in some type of digital audio file format, the most common format being MP3. MP3 files are compressed audio files that offer small file size and great sound quality. Audiobooks in digital format can be downloaded or streamed from a website on a desktop or laptop computer, or through apps on mobile devices, Apple iPhone or iPad for example. Three advantages of digital audiobooks over other formats:


  • Instantly Download
  • Instantly Stream
  • Download and burn to CDs

One of the main advantages of digital over other formats is being able to instantly access the audiobook after purchasing. Digital requires no shipping time or cost and are less expensive than other formats. Another advantage is portability. Downloading them to a smartphone or tablet allows you to easily take your audiobooks on the go. Using your devices built in speaker, headphones, or Bluetooth gives you multiple was to listen. Most automobiles these days have built in Bluetooth capabilities so you can pair your mobile device with your automobile and use the internal speakers to listen to your audiobooks.

Other advantages of digital is the ability to take your entire audiobook library with you on the go that fits in the palm of your hand. You also do not have to worry about swapping CDs or cassette tapes in and out or scratching or losing them. The MP3 files can even be download and listen to on a thumb drive, MP3 player, or any app of your choice. Here are 5 more advantages of digital audiobooks:

More Advantages

  • No shipping time or expense
  • They are less expensive
  • There are more ways to listen to them
  • Take your entire audiobook library with you on the go
  • No swapping, scratching, or losing CDs or tapes

We have covered a lot of advantages of audiobooks in digital format and that points out a lot of disadvantages of other audio book formats. Because of many advantages of digital, publishers are making less and less audio books on CD. This trend is expected to continue and audio books on CD will eventually be phased out like books on tape. To browse AudiobooksNow’s selection of over 180,000 digital audiobooks, please use the link below:

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