Summary of Posts: March 31st 2013

by Emily Roberts on March 31, 2013

We take a look at how audiobooks are changing the world of literature and technology all around the world in this cycle. Check out the exciting stories we’ve prepared for you:

  • One common problem that first-time audiobook users is dealing with material that is copy protected. Find out what you can do about this issue.
  • Did you know that you can transfer your audiobooks from CDs to your iPod (or a similar device)? This’ll be the perfect companion for taking a jog or traveling.
  • Latino students are having a hard time with reading and math subjects. To help boost literacy in these schools, their administrators have sought the assistance of audiobooks.
  • When we go to the library, what we expect is to see people reading books or newspapers, maybe even browsing or listening to audiobooks. But what about yoga inside the library?
  • The benefits of storytelling are beyond words. Perhaps one of our all-time favorites is how these stories can be be great tools for relaxation.
  • We conclude the cycle with a talk about the power of storytelling then and now. No matter what has changed with the way we tell our stories, the inherent values remain strong as ever.

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