Life’s Journey of “The Girls of August”, by Anne Rivers Siddons

by Emily Roberts on July 24, 2014

The Girls of AugustThe Girls of August is author Anne Rivers Siddons’s nineteenth novel. Most are fiction with the exception of one, “John Chancellor Makes Me Cry“. She and her husband, Heyward, spend their time between their homes in Charleston, South Carolina and Brooklyn, Maine. The cover of the book is styled so as to draw anyone in who is interested in summers at the beach. Author Siddons’s Charleston home gives her a perspective from which to draw real beach attitudes, even though her novel is fiction.
The novel follows the friendship of four women who started spending a week at the beach while their husbands were medical students. At that time, they were just four girls, but over the almost twenty years, as it always does, times changed, which in turn changed the dynamic of the group. Each “Girl” has problems of their own. After losing one of their cherished members, they must come to grips with accepting her replacement. The novel is a bit predictable, but it is filled with the senses of summer, with a touch of mystery and angst. It fills the desire of a god read while sitting comfy at home, or while in an umbrella covered chair at the beach.

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