Choices made…Consequences lived with…”Turning Point”, by Danielle Steel

by Emily Roberts on February 8, 2019

Turning PointIn author Danielle Steel’s inimitable style, her novel, Turning Point, there is a healthy mix of intrigue and romance. Four esteemed doctors are chosen to participate in a mass-casualty training program in Paris, France. While they are there, the training quickly turns to actual trauma when an unspeakable act of mass violence occurs in The City of Light.

The main characters are four doctors who are each tops in their area of specialty medicine. Bill Browning is the head of San Francisco’s busiest trauma unit. He is a workaholic since his ex-wife and children live in London. Stephenie Lawrence is a teaching star, and has a frustrated stay-at-home husband and two young sons……she has no time for any of them. Harvard graduate, Wendy Jones, a trauma expert is locked in a dead end romance with a married cardiac surgeon. Then, there is lady’s man Tom Wylie, who is all about one night stands and avoiding any commitment. They all welcome the adventure and challenge that they are about to accept.

Turning Point has been compared by some as in the same vein as Grey’s Anatomy, as it focuses more on the doctor’s personal experiences, but with just enough outside activity covered to give a dramatic edge along with the romantic adventures. Their temporary life in Paris becomes a stark turning point, where they will make harder decisions than they ever have before, and will be living life with the consequences.

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