Anything, But a Fairlytale…”Wallis In Love”, by Andrew Morton

by Emily Roberts on March 21, 2018

Wallis in LoveI remember hearing about a king abdicating his throne for the love of his life…….but I did not know the real story. Apparently, according to biographer, Andrew Morton, Wallis Simpson was not the person who was really worthy of such sacrificial love as exhibited by Edward VIII. I had imagined a graceful, beautiful lady whose charms just could not be resisted by Edward, Prince of Wales. Not a picture of the actual Wallis Simpson at all.

Bessie Wallis Warfield was always only out for herself. Even as a little girl, she was known to say, “me, me” instead of “ma, ma”. Through diary entries, letters, and other records, Morton takes the reader through Wallis’s romantic adventures in China, Washington, and her entrance into London society. Instead of the one supposed romantic story, she had one husband who was a Navy pilot……through him, she met a richer crowd. After that marriage, she met husband #2, a shipping broker who gave her the life she wanted, but also led her to meet Edward, the Prince of Wales. He immediately became infatuated with her and showered her with gifts and attention, as her husband watched from the background. She actually thought she might realize her dream of becoming a queen. But, she did not realize that twice divorced women would never become queen. She thought sure she could trick her way into receiving the title. When Edward’s father died, Edward was in line to become king, but he decided to abdicate the throne to be with Wallis Simpson. She was not happy about his decision, so she made his life miserable after that and treated him very badly.

Wallis was a taker all her life, never giving back to anything or anyone. She was a hollow person, famous for being famous. She was not a temptress or vixen, but an ordinary gold digger, who found out that in the end, what she thought would make her happy did not turn out anything as she had thought. What I always imagined to be a fairytale romance ended up being anything but………

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