Songwriting, Woody Morgan
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Easy Approach to Write Excellent Lyrics and Melody from Beginner to Expert

Author: Woody Morgan

Narrator: Woody Morgan

Unabridged: 5 hr 26 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Woody Morgan

Published: 06/09/2020


Learn How to Compose Music and Write Songs From Start to Finish!Who doesn't love music? Whatever genre it is and whoever sang it, everyone has their own music taste and will bop to the beat when they hear their favorite song. And it's played everywhere! Shopping malls, fast-food establishments, the church. It makes people come together and celebrate, unite, and have fun. Indeed, music makes the world go around.And every day, thousands of people write songs and compose their own lyrics. If you've also been thinking out creating your own tune, then you're in luck! This audiobook will help you and give you all the things you need to create the next big hit!You don't have to be an expert or already know the fundamentals of music. Anyone who has an interest and passion for it can easily learn everything there is to know about creating your first tune! Whether you are a music student in university, or you're just interested in composing your own song, this audiobook will help you by telling you all the basics and specifics!This audiobook contains the following:· Why it's important to know the rules of music· How to deal when inspiration isn't striking you· A 6-step process that is essential before you start making music· How to make your song a hit among the rest· Finding your melody· And a whole lot more!This audiobook contains nine chapters of information all about music that will help you create your own song even if you have ZERO KNOWLEDGE. This guide will take you on a journey from beginner to expert so you can freely express your thoughts and style using chords and rhythm.Be the composer you always wanted to be!