Whence They Came, Craig A. Falconer
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Whence They Came

Narrator: Jack de Golia

Unabridged: 1 hr 18 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Craig Falconer

Published: 12/09/2021


Sometimes, the stories come true...Across oceans and ages, the same tales have persisted.The lights in the sky. The whirring sounds at night.The ships that cross the darkness and the headaches that come when they pass overhead.But for some, the feelings have intensified. Recently it all feels... closer.EJ, a humble artist, senses that the long-foreseen arrival is imminent.Denounced as a self-promoter seeking attentions and fame, he finds few listeners but never stops trying to raise the alarm.When dusk falls, the prophecy rains down.Within minutes it becomes clear that the planet isn't big enough for two dominant species.Something has to give — tonight.But for EJ and everyone around him, outmatched by an invading force from another world, it may already be too late...__________Whence They Came is the latest in a new series of Sci-Fi Sizzlers: standalone short stories from international bestselling author Craig A. Falconer. These stories can be read in any order — dive in today!