Twin Flame FlareUP, May Woodworth
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Twin Flame Flare-UP
Book 1-Twin Flame Connections


Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/28/2020


From the Planet Rayleon, Laciara cannot stop monitoring Earth's demise. Her affinity for musician's causes her to seek a way to save Earth from destruction. Her Twin Flame soul mate, Ansgar, is none too pleased with her involvement.Meanwhile, back on Earth, Addie tries to find her place in Maine after her parent's die. Life ain't easy, especially when her crush on Ethan, a musician, causes turmoil.Laciara, playing galactic matchmaker, unleashes her magic on the couple, but things don't turn out quite as she planned.A surprising turn of events draw Addie to her true Twin Flame soul mate, which proves love cannot be controlled. It is in the hands of the Universe.Can Twin Flame power balance Earth''s vibrations, and make things right? More important, is Addie willing to leave everything and everyone on Earth behind to find out?