The Reflexology Handbook, Barbara Carter
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The Reflexology Handbook
Unlock Your Body's Healing Power Through Touch

Narrator: Adam Newbaron

Unabridged: 4 hr 15 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/20/2024


The Reflexology Handbook: Unlock Your Body's Healing Power Through Touch!Hold the universe in your hands—quite literally! “The Reflexology Handbook: Unlock Your Body's Healing Power Through Touch” is your tactile ticket to a realm where fingertips are potent and every pressure point holds a promise. Let's weave through the maze of your body's enigmatic pathways, one touch at a time!The Mapping of Miracles: Learn about the intricate tapestry of reflex points residing in your hands, feet, and ears. Marvel at the wonders of how each point corresponds to organs and systems, offering keys to holistic health.Techniques & Tricks of the Trade: Not all touches are created equal. Dive into the heart of various reflexology techniques. From thumb-walking to hooking, knuckling to rotating—master the moves that make the magic happen!Reflexology for the Modern Maven: Living in a fast-paced world? Tailor reflexology to address contemporary ailments—be it tech-neck from your devices, stress from the urban hustle, or sleep disturbances in this 24/7 world.So, unroll that reflexology chart, warm up those hands, and ready your feet. Let's embark on this tactile adventure and navigate the terrains of your body with newfound knowledge and enthusiasm. And as you do, remember: within you lies a universe of healing, waiting to be unlocked, pressed, and powered up—one reflex point at a time.Here's to Health, Healing, and the Power of Touch! Let the Reflexology Revolution Begin!