Sleep Well Tonight, Max Highstein
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Sleep Well Tonight
Cottage by the Sea

Author: Max Highstein

Narrator: Max Highstein

Unabridged: 45 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/01/2011


A Soothing Guided Sleep Meditation... Enjoy a good night's sleep with this gentle inner journey. Take an evening walk along the beach to your secluded seaside cottage. Secure in your comfy bed on the screened-in porch, enjoy a full body relaxation, and then let the waves lull you into dreamland. At the end of the inner journey the narration tapers off, and the waves continue for another 30 minutes. An excerpt from this guided meditation for sleep: "The ocean air feels so pleasant on your skin, and the smells of the ocean and scents of the blossoming trees nearby are softly intoxicating, beginning to make you a little drowsy. Soon you come to your cottage, open the screen door, and sit on the edge of the bed looking out at the sea and the sky. The first stars have begun to come out, and you take some time to just sit there, and watch them appear, one by one, as last light of day fades, and the sky darkens to a deep velvet..." Max Highstein Says: "This guided meditation for sleep... zzzzz... zzzz... zzzzz... Oh, sorry! Where was I... Guided imagery is a natural for inducing sleep. Over the years I've gotten many letters from customers who've been using The Healing Waterfall and other of my guided imagery programs for sleep purposes. So it finally occured to me (wake up, Max!) that it might be a good idea to make a specific guided meditation for sleep. My good friend Jon Shore has been known for his own guided imagery work, and had a wonderful recording he made of ocean waves. That ocean recording became a keystone of the guided meditation for sleep that I created here. I suspect that if you use this inner journey at bedtime, you’ll never find out how it ends! Sweet dreams..."