Scorched Earth, T.R. Harris
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Scorched Earth

Author: T.R. Harris

Narrator: Perry Daniels

Unabridged: 8 hr 47 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 06/30/2022


What happens when Adam Cain—the Alien with an Attitude—gets really pissed off? Hint: It ain't pretty. The Scorched Earth in the title doesn't refer to the Human's homeworld. Rather it describes the path of death and destruction that Adam Cain burns on his way from Earth to the planet Juir as he seeks revenge for the killing of one of his closest friends. But there's more. Sherri and Arieel have been taken prisoner by the Juirean leader, with a date for their execution already set. The aliens may have thought Adam was dangerous before, but they ain't seen nothing yet. This is a no-holes-barred action adventure, devoid of PC sensitivities and giving full display to the animal side of Human nature. The bottom line: The aliens pissed off the wrong guy this time . . . and now they have to pay the price. Against overwhelming odds, Adam and his team fight through every obstacle and vanquish every foe on their way to victory. But this victory won't come cheap . . .