Not Alone Hidden Wonder, Craig A. Falconer
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Not Alone: Hidden Wonder

Unabridged: 10 hr 12 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Craig Falconer

Published: 03/16/2021


The pulses were just the beginning....Desperate timesAs two worlds reel from a colossal final pulse that cuts off all contact between them, two unimaginable discoveries raise the stakes even further.In a secret American facility, a power hidden from society for a decade is about to break free. And something much bigger, buried deep beneath the Scottish Highlands for thousands of years, is about to rise up.Desperate measures All hope of restoring the gateway to New Kerguelen lies in exploring the mysterious alien vault. But once Pandora's box is opened, there's no going back.The fate of two worlds falls again on Piper McCarthy's young shoulders, but this time her remarkable powers might just be outmatched.The gate is closed. The vault is open. The trouble is just getting started....?___________Not Alone: Hidden Wonder is the second book in the Evolution Trilogy.New to Not Alone? You can jump in with Not Alone: The Awakening. Alternatively, the full series runs as follows:1. Not Alone2. Not Alone: Second Contact3. Not Alone: The Final Call4. Not Alone: Fractured Union5. Not Alone: Leap of Destiny6. Not Alone: Revelations7. Not Alone: The Awakening8. Not Alone: Hidden Wonder9. Not Alone: Endgame0. Not Alone: Origins