Memory Improvement, Dave Farrel
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Memory Improvement
Creative Skill, Subconscious Thoughts, Intelligence, and Brain Science

Unabridged: 7 hr 30 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Efalon Acies

Published: 12/19/2020


You’ve just come across a combination of a series of 8 books. They are related to the following topics:Topic 1: We all have some creativity in us, but it seems like some people are better equipped to tap into that part of their brains. Some people naturally think outside the box. They come up with new ideas constantly. Topic 2: The power of our minds stretches far beyond our current comprehension. No matter how much science keeps progressing, they still find new wonders of the human brain. Topic 3: Dopamine has been the topic of many debates and discussions among neuroscientists, clinicians, and analysts. It has been controversial and fascinating at the same time. Dopamine seems to give us motivation to succeed, to exercise, to seek rewards, to survive, and to procreate. Topic 4: What makes one person more intelligent than another? What is it and how do we measure it? In this guide, we’ll touch on those things, which lie at the heart of the definition and accomplishment of this term.  Topic 5: By now, you may have heard about the differences between regular intelligence and emotional intelligence. But what makes a person really emotionally intelligent?Topic 6: First, we’ll talk about how to improve your concentration skills and memory. This lies at the heart of the book.  Next, we will go over the significant challenges that many people face when they are working from home. Topic 7: Do you want to learn more and faster? Would you like to have a better memory? Topic 8: Is it possible to train your brain?Can you become smarter, or better capable of remembering things?