Killer Conquest, Mr Punch
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Killer Conquest
A Norman Conquest Thriller: A Full-Cast BBC Radio Drama

Author: Mr Punch

Unabridged: 45 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 04/26/2022


Set during the Golden Age of Detective Fiction, where every story promises a 'Thousand Thrills!', with ingenious plots, full of twists and surprises, driven along with exciting action and tongue in cheek humour. In Killer Conquest, the dashing hero with a nose for trouble and rake-hell disregard for danger returns in a breathless crime-smashing adventure.  With his trademark ‘1066’ and his resourceful partner Pixie, he keeps up good cheer and marches on while he biffs the baddies.  “It is pure 1930s, when the hero did say to the villain: "Good grief! You're a cold blooded killer!" and the heroine did affectionately call her hero "a cockeyed chump!" To all concerned “Jolly good show, chaps.”  The Times “Christopher Cazenove seems to relish his role as Norman Conquest, a hero about who dashing is the least that could be said! Atmospheric and great fun for those who prefer older-style detectives.”  Daily Express   Also available as part of the THRILLER PLAYHOUSE BOX SET, eight episodes featuring Max Carrados, Norman Conquest and Ben from the popular BBC Drama series.   CastChristopher Cazenove as Norman ConquestBonnie Langford as Pixie.Richard Davies as Chief Inspector WilliamsColin Spaull as Mandeville Livingstone.   Kerry Shale as Horace Augustus HillierNeville Jason as Claude HerridewJonathan Tafler as Detective Inspector WellsAnthony Jackson as Willoughby ChoteGavin Muir as Parsons& full supporting cast. © & ? 2022 Mr Punch Audiobooks Ltd