If Jesus Was a Rapper, Cellus Hamilton
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If Jesus Was a Rapper

Narrator: Cellus Hamilton

Unabridged: 4 hr 41 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/16/2021


If you’ve ever listened to music created by Cellus Hamilton, you are aware that he is much more than a rapper. His lyrics are multidimensional, revealing him to be a sort of scholarly visionary. Because music is often subject to the listener’s interpretation, interviews have been the closest outlet we have towards understanding the complexities that exist within Mr. Hamilton. Here in his book, “If Jesus Was a Rapper”, he lays his heart bare.As the businessman, family-man, and clergyman aspects of Hamilton are revealed in his memoir, his life and journey through the music industry teach us more about Jesus than many straightforward theologians have. His personality, creativity, and boldness work together to present him as a wholistic human artist who is deeply in love with Jesus.While Hamilton seems to intentionally target the Christian creative, his rags-to-riches story easily connects to us all. By the end of the book, Jesus will likely be your new favorite rapper.